Important Info

Preparing for Your Appointment

Information you need before you come to Breast Care Specialists, LLC regarding your appointment.

Please note all patients are required to complete specific paperwork and submit upon arrival to Breast Care Specialists, LLC. Required forms are listed below.

Important Information

Explanation of What to Expect

BCS Children Policy

Effective 2/15/2020 – We require ALL payments at the time of your visit. Payment for copays, coinsurance, deductibles and appointment balances are due at the time of service – unless other arrangements have been made with the business office.

Please note, a $25 “No Show” fee will be billed to your account if appointments are not cancelled within 24 hours.

Required Forms

New Patient Information Forms

Privacy Notice Acknowledgment

Existing Patient Information Forms

MRI Information

MRI Patient Screening Form

MRI Device Safety Form

MRI Safety: Breast Feeding and Gadolinium

Dotarem Medication Guide (Gadolinium)